Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sugar Mountain Farm Needs a Kickstart

Anyone who has ever raised animals and sent them to a slaughterhouse understands the anxiety that comes along with not knowing how your stock is going to be treated once it leaves your sight. I've personally seen and butchered the carcasses of animals that shipped off-farm in perfect good health come back from the slaughterhouse with broken bones and bruises. And although I never had to personally transport and the animals to the slaughterhouse, I know it was big pain in the neck for the guy who did. So I have a lot of empathy for farmers who want to take charge of what undeniably one of the most difficult stages in meat production and do the slaughter themselves.

Now, I don't personally know the people at Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont. Their quest to raise money to build out a USDA inspected abbatoir on their farm was brought to my attention by a virtual friend on Facebook. But I think that I know enough about what they must be going through to offer them a hand by publishing their Kickstarter page on AHA. Check it out

Sugar Mountain Farm | Stories of Pastured Pigs, Poultry, Sheep, Dogs and Kids in the mountains of Vermont:


Walter Jeffries said...

I wanted to update you on the project here at your blog and thank you for helping us spread the word. We just made 100% funding of our goal for the butcher shop. Any additional funds will be able to go towards the next step in our project, the on-farm slaughter and then later the smokehouse. Check out this post:


Walter Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm
West Topsham, VT

Woodworkin' & Good Eats said...

I am blessed in the fact that my sister and brother-in-law own their own meat business. They kill, cut and wrap themselves and they have always done my meat. Now they are very conscientious of doing a great job for all their customers and most of their business is repeat business and they have clients that have been coming to them for the last 35 years. When they retire, which is not far from now . . . I might really need to do some research before choosing a new meat man.
Hey, I'm your newest follower, please come on over and visit my blog. I do grilling, barbecuing, smoking and when I have the time woodworking. Come check out my Green Egg Table. You'd make my day if you choose to follow. Steve

Bob delGrosso said...

Where are you man?

Walter Jeffries said...

I wanted to just leave a note thanking everyone and thank you for spreading the word. Our Kickstarting the Butcher Shop at Sugar Mountain Farm project was a great success. We raise $33,456 which was well over our original $25K goal! As I write our family is working on getting ready for the next concrete pour that will close in the initial meat cutting area, inspector's office, bathroom and laundry so we can start finishing off the interior.

Building our own on-farm USDA meat processing facility has been a huge push for our family for the past four years. It's good to be so close and we're looking forward to the day when our animals stay on the farm rather than traveling the long trip to Mass.


Sugar Mountain Farm
in the mountains of Vermont