Monday, August 15, 2011

Do the Cure in Italy in 2012


Sean Timberlake, a virtual friend of mine and the founder of the cooperatively blogged blog Punk Domestics (Great name, right?), asked me to let my readers know about a culinary tour- set of cured meat and fish classes he is hosting in Emilia-Romagna in 2012. Of course, me being the lazy blogger that I've become, I copied and pasted the details of the trip from Sean's blog with only minor edits.
Self-deprecation aside, I can say that it looks like a great trip. 
I've been to Emilia-Romagna exactly once to visit Parma, Bologona and some relatives in Borgo Val di Taro -my father's ancestral village- and I can assure you that  the cuisine of this region is superb. I also think it's kind of cool that the tour takes you to Casa Artusi, named for Pelligrino Artusi, the first guy to write a comprehensive book about Italian cooking from all of the regions of Italy and which was one of the books I used to teach myself how to cook. -Bob dG 

Working with my friend Vanessa DellaPasqua, who creates and manages premium culinary tours, we have established an itinerary that we think will offer a truly unique experience. Stationed in the charming Adriatic town of Cesenatico, this seven-day, six-night trip will include:
  • Six nights at the family-owned Hotel Sirena on the Adriatic Coast, in the heart of Romagna;
  • Four hands-on cooking classes featuring the best of local products;
  • All meals, including drinks and local wine selection;
  • A tour of Parma and Modena to discover the secrets of Parmigiano-Reggiano and balsamico;
  • An English-speaking guide throughout the tour;
  • A unique opportunity to learn the art of salumi, cured fish and preserves at the seasoned hands of the DellaPasqua family and their trusted norcino in one of Italy’s great culinary regions.
pesceWe'll kick the trip off with a bang, working with a freshly slaughtered pig and getting to work making many traditional salumi: salami, salsiccie, ciccioli, coppa di testa, pancetta and more. Later, we'll learn about preserving fish with vinegar, oil and salt methods. And on our final full day we'll take oninfusions, jams and savor, a local jam with fruits and nuts.
Will we be learning at the hands of professional preservers who follow the ways of their ancestors, but all work and no play makes Johnny a dull punk, so we've peppered the trip with a few outings to allow you to experience the splendor of Emilia-Romagna's rich culinary history. We'll visit one of Romagna's musei del gusto , showcasing Italy's epicurean traditions; Casa Artusi, the museum of Italian home cooking; Cesenatico's fish market along the harbor designed by Leonardo da Vinci; learn about a local sheep's milk cheese that's ripened in pits dug in the soil; and of course Parma to see the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Modena to learn about traditional balsamico.
The trip will occur January 7-13, 2012. This is the period of time when the hog is traditionally slaughtered and cured, according to the age-old traditions of the norcino.

All this for just $2,500 (USD). You can download a comprehensive itinerary in PDF form here.Interested? You bet you are! We've already sold five spots, so now's the time to act if you're interested in joining us for this unique opportunity to learn  about preserving in Italy's culinary heartland. Just contact us and we'll get the ball rolling

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