Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Can Buy this For Me. Thanks!

It's pricy, but it looks like it will do everything I Primo 778 Extra-Large Oval Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill need a grill/oven/smoker to do. My current charcoal grill is a little welded sheet metal job I bought at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago for $40.00. It still does the job but the grills are buckled, the casing is rusting out and I'm starting to daydream about a replacement.


Jon in Albany said...

Ceramic grills are pricey. People that have them, love them. Especially Big Green Eggs. I've never cooked on one.

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Weber kettles. If you watch Craigslist, you can probably find a barely used one for $20. They take a little more effort than a gas grill, but I think it is worth it.

Natalie Sztern said...

I only BBQ with charcoal and last year I read an article on a product called the Charcoal Buddy in the Montreal Gazette.

It is a recycled self-contained BBQ charcoal chimney w briquets that is itself charcoal. It does not have to be removed.

a company out of Cleveland that makes these recycled and employs adults with disabilities: they even sent me a sample to try but the season was over so I am forwarding u a link to see if you will find a way to use it and comment.

The idea sounds great but I have not used it yet.

Elmer Veith said...

Go with the XL Big Green Egg. Lifetime warranty on the thing, and it will hold a ton of stuff. One of the restaurants here actually has four of them on their line.

Ben said...

Ceramic cookers are fantastic, and there are several options. Primo is probably the Green Egg's biggest competitor, and there are some nice features in the Primo's oval. But considering the price of these beasts, if it doesn't have the Big Green Egg's lifetime warranty, I ain't buyin' it. I love my egg. It gets a lot more use than my oven, even in the dead of winter.

They don't operate like standard charcoal grills...they light differently, control temps differently, etc. If you get one, get someone who knows what they're doing to show you the ropes.