Monday, February 21, 2011

Certifying Virtue

Many of us think a lot about what we cook and eat and what sort of measurements we should use to determine whether or not it is ethically "correct" to kill, cook and eat one thing and not another. We also worry over the ethics of consuming processed foods many of which contain ingredients imported from places with environmental, labor and animal welfare laws that are even more lax than those we enjoy in the post industrialized regions of the world.

But how many of us have a clearly defined set of criteria against which to judge what's okay to eat and what is not? And how easy is it to know which products conform to our standards, especially when in many instances the people who produce and sell foods they know to be ethically compromised dissimulate, misdirect and lie?


Jeff said...

Criteria in order of importance:
1) Tasty
2) Healthy
3) Inexpensive
4) Politically Correct

Bob del Grosso said...

Jeff, That's pretty much the way I do it.

Tags said...

I dunno, I usually put "nonpoisonous" at the top of that list.

Judith Klinger said...

What happened to the video?
Our criteria for deciding on what meat to eat is that it shouldn't be cute and furry, and it's best if it comes in a plastic package.
Human nature I suppose.

Bob del Grosso said...

It looks like the person who posted it took it down.