Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inhale your food

Taking the "intellectualization" of what ought to be an extremely simple process (in this present instance case "eating") one step further into absurdity is LeWhif, a system that turns food into a vapor that you inhale through a pipe. I kid you not. This makes pancakes in a can look like soul food.


Tags said...

They should talk to Glaxo about a tobacco flavored version to pair with Nicorette.

Lou said...

Far be it for me to criticize your writing (which is always very good), but couldn't "(in this present instance "eating")" be better written as "(in this instance "eating")", since you're not likely to be talking about the past or the future?
And would not "context" be a better word choice than "instance"?
I'm just sayin'.

Bob del Grosso said...

You are right about the redundancy of but we are both wrong about the appropriateness of the word "instance." I'm writing about an "example" of the "intellectualization" of something simple.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix it.

ffjennie said...

LeWhif - Le Why??

When did chewing go out of fastion??

Deborah Dowd said...