Thursday, January 27, 2011

Food bloggers' charcuterie project goes viral

Originators of Charcutepalooza Cathy Barrow and Kim Foster in Tuesday's Washington Post. 

Charcutepalooza, which started when Cathy and Kim decided to invite bloggers to prepare and blog about recipes from Ruhlman and Polcyn's Charcuterie has turned into a contest with a grand prize trip to France and a couple of hundred contestants. I don't know if it's still possible to join, if you are interested click the Charcutepalooza button on my sidebar and visit the site to see what's up.

 I'm one of the judges of the contest entries and am serving as an advisor to the group and will be appearing on Twitter chats to answer questions. To monitor the Twitter activity of the group in Twitter search for and follow the #Charcutepalooza hashtag.

To read the Washington Post article visit


Natalie Sztern said...

Being on the internet is a whole different kind of learning. Having figured out what Hashcode means the next problem I am having, and yes I am going to say it, is the 'ratios' when the piece of bacon I have is not 5lbs but 3lbs. Especially when it comes to the cure; probably only when it comes to the cure which has the components that must be exact measurements.

Michael Greenberg said...

If you don't want to do the math, you can just mix up a full batch of dry cure and use the "salt box" method, rubbing the cure all over your (pork) belly.

But the math is easy (disclaimer: I am getting a PhD in computer science). Just multiply by the new amount and divide by the old amount:

(QTY*new scale)/(old scale)

So in your case, for each quantity in the cure recipe, just multiply by 3/5=0.6.