Saturday, January 15, 2011


More than 100 bloggers have signed on to prepare one recipe from Ruhlman and Polcyn's (or is it Polcyn and Ruhlman's?) Charcuterie per month and, of course, blog about their experiences. That a bunch of people would do something like this is not, in itself, remarkable -not to me anyway. What got my attention is that all of these people seem to be sharing information on FaceBook and Twitter.
So my interest piqued, I contacted Kim Foster who is one of the organizers of this charcuterie cure and cook-fest, and offered to help. No way, I said, did I have the time or the desire to make the recipes at home, but I would like to do something.

So, long story short, I'm an advisor. My first advisory session is on Sunday, 16 January (tomorrow!) at 9PM on Twitter.

If you want to join Charcutepalooza visit Mrs. Wheelbarrow to sign on. To participate in the Twitter conversations around the event include the #Charcutepalooza hashtag in your tweets.


Jennifer S said...

Thanks for alerting me to this, Bob! And I just did Duck Confit and Cassoulet... seems like a good post to me.

Mosaica said...

Hey Bob --that was a fun night at the #charcutepalooza fest! I still want to know: why gumby & pokey?


Peter said...

This looks like fun. I signed up. Will there be a micropaleontolgy exam? Because I would fail that part.