Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The brain in the gut and how cooking made us human

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Denise said...

Very nice. It's interesting how the evolution in the human species results in us being who we are. We take for granted the progress we've made over millenia.

Another thing I find fascinating is how foods and flavors have travelled the globe over the centuries. Think about mass migrations over the centuries when sometimes people would leave their home country with little more than a small satchel of clothes, a couple recipes and a hidden cache of spices.

Consider the lowly pancake: in the US and Canada they're pancakes with maple syrup. In Mexico and the Latin countries they're tortillas. In France they're crepes. In Spain Crepelles. In Greece they're pita bread. In Scotland they're crumpets and in the Orient they're those little mu shu pancakes.

They keep adapting and changing ingredients from region to region - but they're still similar in size and shape.