Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chef Jam: The Menu

This looks, good. Really good!

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Carrie said...

I will taste braised suckling pig before I die!

Lou said...

This looks awful, really awful.

If you need more than 4 words to describe a dish, you need to go back to the drawing board.

I can't imagine that I would ever be hungry enough to want "Sheppard Mansion Farms Heirloom Tomatoes"; I'd just like good tomatoes, thanks.

Sure, "pastrami cured salmon" and "black garlic" sound like good ideas, but can you make it work?

"Candied bacon"? I would not even take it seriously if it were not included in the same menu item as "verbena granola".

Rich said...

Hmmm...kinda "snarky" there Lou.

Full Disclosure - I'm freinds with both these guys.

Obviously everyone's entitled to their opinion and I hear you - in general - on the "menu description" thing.....but...

...this dinner sold out in less than 36 hours. It's two - under the radar - guys looking to have fun with the people willing to come out on a Tuesday - a "school nite".....

...I can tell you - from experience - BOTH of them KNOW HOW TO COOK and the folks who put out and spend their hard earned $$$$ to come to this ( and the "overflow dinner" on 11/2 ) won't be disappointed.

As to your "menu description" issue..again - I hear ya - but we live in a world of "marketing" and those that don't adjust....die.

People want know where "stuff" is coming from and Little actually GREW those tomatoes and the folks LOVE to know that.

In a perfect world, you're probably right.....but it's not a perfect world and if you don't "promote" and "label" don't get heard....


Have a great weekend.

Chef Andrew Little said...


This is Andy Little, the guy who helped write the menu you just described as 'awful, really awful'. I also grew the tomatoes and melon that you take issue with their menu description.

I'd like to offer you an invitation to come to this dinner(even though it's already sold out) as my special guest. I'm really proud of not only the produce that I grew and am bringing to this dinner, but also the ideas that Andrew and I presented with this menu and I would like for you to taste what we are describing, on me. I don't think you can really judge a dining experience simply by its menu and I want you to TASTE our food. If after tasting the food, you still think it's 'awful, really awful, then OK.

Please take me up on this, I'd love to have you as my guest.

Lou said...

To Chef Andy Little and everyone else I offended:

I've seldom been sorry about a post of mine, but I am now.

By way of explanation, but not an excuse: I live in Puerto Rico. We harvested a dozen panas yesterday from trees that have been here for generations. We're lucky to see any kind of tomato. The finer foods of the world do not make their way here.

I used to live in Newton, MA, and had access to Russo's Market (among others), a place where you could buy any kind of fruit, vegetable, meat, or salumi. I miss it dearly.

In particular to Chef Andy: please accept my humble apology. The pride you show in what you do is evidence of its quality. I can't accept your invitation (although I would dearly love to do so, I can't afford the air fare), but I do promise to think before I write in the future.