Thursday, August 12, 2010

School is (Almost) in Session

I miss teaching like a beached whale misses the sea, so you can imagine how happy I am to tell you that this fall,  Trent Hendricks and I will be offering 3 classes at Hendricks Farms and Dairy. Trent, who owns and farms the farm, milks the cows and goats, runs the business and makes the cheese is "taking it easy" and teaching a cheese making workshop,  while I will be conducting a class in hog butchering and another in curing. Most of what you need to know is below, but feel free to ask me anything about any of this in a comment box or email. 

  Registration closes for each event on the Friday preceding the event. Classes will be limited in size. All registrations must be paid in full at time of enrollment. Click on the PayPal button or call 267-382-0556 to register now.  Please email for more information 

October 1 Club Cabriejo Festival 6 pm to 8:30 pm *Open to Club Cabriejo members only*.

A goat themed event with a walking tour, a meet-the-goat photo opportunity, and an exclusive tasting of goat products. Club members will also be treated to farm centric art by a local artist. No charge for this event. 

October 8 Fine Fall Foods Appreciation Event 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Welcome fall with a celebration of fine cheeses, cured meats and artisanal breads paired with complementary wine selections. Lively discussions on food, and related issues. If you don’t like to have fun, stay at home! $40 per person or $75 per couple. Payment required for registration.

October 23 Cheese Making Class 9 am to 2 pm


We will be making both cows milk and goats milk cheese in two vats. Hands on with running discussions and Q&A. Aging room work also. $200 per participant, a light lunch will be provided. A sample basket along with an at home recipe kit is included. Limited to 5 participants. Led by Cheesemaker Trent Hendricks 

November 13 Hog Butchering 9 am to 2 pm


We will be breaking down a whole hog into retail cuts with demonstrations of sausage making and lard rendering. $150 per participant, a light lunch will be provided along with samples from the days work. Limited to 10 participants. Led by Chef Bob Del Grosso 

December 11 Meat, Cheese & Bread Class 9 am to 2 pm


Instruction on salami, ham and other cured meat production for the home enthusiast, along with an brief overview on artisanal breads and baking in the brick oven. At the end of the class we will bring it all together with serving and pairing discussions and demonstrations. Just in time for your holiday hosting. $150 per participant, a light lunch will be provided along with a gift basket from the days work. Limited to 15 participants. Presented by Trent Hendricks and Chef Del Grosso 

Hendricks Farms Consulting Services 

Trent Hendricks will be available on a limited basis to consult on a variety of issues including, Farm Business Plan Development, Product Development – focusing on meats and cheeses, Farm or Ranch Development and Design, and associated subjects. Day rates plus expenses will apply, serious inquires only. 


Tyrone B, said...

Man, Bob, there have been so many pictures and posts on your blog that have made me want to live closer just to participate!

But I could probably get a "free" pig 'break-down' lesson down in Alabama (free as in I may have to clean the barn or bail hay) -- where I buy fresh pork products some of these farms you can pick the pig, then get it processed...of course that costs some money! But its a greater value if you have the freezer space.

One of these days I may have to make a vacation of it, come tour the farm, take a class or two, and eat of course!

Jennifer S said...

What's the nearest airport to you?
I'd have to spend days driving or fly, but I'd like to come to one of these.

Bob del Grosso said...

Philadelphia International Airport is the closest (about 40 min) and Newark is about 2hrs away.

Chad said...

Bob, are there hotels, bed & breakfasts, or inns nearby that you would recommend for those coming in for the butchering class?

Bob del Grosso said...

Trent suggests the Best Western in Kulpsville, Pa. I don't know the area that well but it looks like there are lots of B&Bs. Sorry I cannot be more helpful!