Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready to hang

The pH of the Chorizo dropped from more than 5.2 to 4.8.

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Andrew said...

Do you generally us the pH paper to check acidity? I know there are electronic pH meters out there, but they are expensive and apparently have to be constantly calibrated.

Also, do you make a meat slurry with distilled water for checking pH?

Bob del Grosso said...

Nowadays I use pH paper to check acidity because (to you point)the pH meter is too much bother to keep calibrated. And no, I don't make a slurry when I use the paper but I do make a slurry when I use the meter.

The paper works great. It's not as accurate as the meter, but it's good enough!

Zalbar said...

Why do you check the acidity? Just to make sure it's inhospitable enough to prevent the nasty greens from invading?

Bob del Grosso said...


There are 2 principal reasons why I monitor pH.

Since it is lactic acid producing bacteria that convert the nitrate and nitrite -that I add to the salami- into the nitrogenous compounds that kill pathogenic bacteria, I check the pH to make sure that the lactic acid producing bacteria are growing such that the bad pathogenic bugs are going to be killed off.

(So yeah, I check pH to make sure the "Nasty greens" will be killed off. )

The other main reason why I bother is to make sure that the pH will drop enough that the sausage will dry properly. See, meat protein begins to lose its attraction to water as it becomes more acidic (live meat is close to pH 7 or "neutral"). So I monitor the pH to assure myself that the lactic acid producing bacteria are growing, converting the nitrate into pathogen killing compounds and acidifying the muscle proteins so that they shed water and dry.