Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pigstock is Back!

Out of all of the many cool events I have attended over the course of my professional life, one of the most affecting was held last January at Mosefund Mangalitsa Farm in Branchville, NJ. Pigstock 2010 was a hog slaughter-butcher-and-cook class taught by Christoph and Isabel Wiesner from Austria. Christoph, the president of the Mangalitsa Pig Breeders Association of Austria, and Isabel raise these hyper-lard hogs on their farm in Austria and have been instrumental in preserving and propagating them around the world. I was extremely impressed by their knowledge of everything from porcine biochemistry to the details of how to slaughter while causing minimal distress to the animals. 

But as impressive as the Wiesner's were, I think what impressed me the most were the other attendees.  Most, maybe 60% were either professional chefs or cooks,  the others came out of backgrounds that had nothing to do with food and cooking, to a person they were respectful of the animals and the craft. It was great. 

So I'm excited to announce that this November Christoph and Isabel Wiesner will again be leading the 3 day workshop at Mosefund. 

I'm hoping to go again; perhaps I will see you there! Here is the skinny:

Classes are November 12,13,14 and  November 16,17,18.

Please contact Chef Michael Clampffer (see contact info below) and tell him which package you would like

  1. Class only,  $1050
  2. Class and take home half a cleaned pig,  $1700
  3. Class and take home whole cleaned pig,  $2300. 

Each class is limited to 12 students. 

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot or you can send the whole amount. 

Make checks out to Mosefund Farm:
Phone: 201 289 0210

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