Monday, July 19, 2010

Wooly Pigs for Sale and Increase

Heath Putnam, who has spent a fortune in capital and labor to bring the Mangalitsa hog genome to North America has turned a corner.  From its inception his company "Wooly Pigs" has been selling castrated barrow hogs to farmers who want to raise these super premium lard hogs. Well, for reasons that are beyond my ken, Heath has decided to sell fertile hogs into the market at $340 for a 50 pound pig. So if you love Mangalitsa pork and want to raise pigs that can pork with progenerative effect, give Heath a shout. I'm a frenzied fan of Mangalitsa pork and would love to see more of it in the market.


John said...

Your "$340 for a 50 pound pig" link is broken.

This is tempting, though. I visited a family friend's hog-and-steer farm this weekend and now I want to quit my office job and raise heritage pigs.

Heath said...

Bob -- Please check your links. They don't seem linked to what you want them linked to.

Info on the sale is here:

Anyone with questions is welcome to call me at 253-833-7591, or email me at

Bob - the basic idea is that my business will be better off if more people are raising Mangalitsa pigs. In the beginning, it would have been dumb to sell. Now that it is clear what they are and what they are great for, it is time to sell breeding stock and a lot more meat and processed products.

You also see this sort of thing in tech companies, when they open up and start sharing technology with other companies, in an effort to really grow things.

Tags said...

Some folks in the Nawlins area might be interested.

What makes me say that? Maybe this.

Bob del Grosso said...

I fixed the links. Thanks.

cook eat FRET said...

if i'm going to own a pig, i want it to be a cute pig...