Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sausage Machine




Pat said...

Automation, while great for the bottom line of big business, makes for food with no love in it. The love that artisans put into their product is what makes them taste so much better. TLC vs. Automation is what it comes down to in the long run.

Kevin said...

There was a strange old butcher, His name was Dunderbeck
He was very fond of sausage-meat, and sauerkraut and speck
He had the finest butcher shop, the finest ever seen
Until one day he invented his wonderful sausage machine

One day a very little girl came walking in the store
She ordered up some sausage meat and eggs, a half a score
And while she stood a-waiting she whistled up a tune
And the sausage meat it started up and danced around the room

Benjamin Frear said...

mmmm nothing like the sounds of sausage making: whirring machines, clanking metal, and a good techno beat.