Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charcuterie Wanted: Stockton New Jersey

A Facebook friend asked me if I could help her find someone to open a Charcuterie in her market in Stockton, New Jersey. Since I could not think of anyone, I offered to spread the word through my blog. If this is something that interests you, please email Dawn directly. I don't know anything more about the project than is contained in the following paragraph. -Bob dG

We have an indoor market (not pictured here) in Stockton New Jersey, and are looking for a charcuterie, sausage vendor. There is an awesome space for a kitchen, the market is open yearround and has 24 upscale vendors. Stockton is 90 minutes from NYC in a beautiful small town on the Delaware. look forward to hearing from you, this is a great opportunity for someone.

Dawn Mcbeth
mcbethdawn at yahoo.com

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Josh said...

you should get in touch with alex and aki at ideas in food. they moved down to the area recently (on the PA side of the river), and I'm sure have a hook up.