Friday, May 7, 2010

Young foodies know everything, but can't cook

According to Michael Hill, some folks in the food and cooking community think that the youngest of us are less interested in fine dining, more open-minded about food and beverage combinations but lack basic cooking skills. The latter ineptitude to which I will add that since most of them are amateurs who work in fields other than gastronomy, most probably don't care that they can't braise a brisket or fry an egg without turning it into a Frisbee. For some it's not "the done" but the doing -even if they trash the kitchen in the process. 

Young foodies more exhibitionist, less highbrow - AP News Wire, Associated Press News -


Jessika said...

I assume I am in the "young foodie category", being in my mid-30s.
I eat everything, well almost (offal never goes on my plate these days except as enrichment in a sauce or a stew), and there is that. Fancy and complicated food is "better" than simple food.
I mish/mash too but I have a whole book case of cook books. I compare recipes until I find what seems to be the best one. Sometimes I search online for inspiration. I know how to cook chicken and poach fish. Cooking more complicated dishes came with experience. My mother taught me cooking and baking, the latter mostly, by saying that you'll feel when it's done. I'd want a specific time and no, you'll feel, smell, see when it is done.

I won't scoff at my friends that know how to make salami from scratch at home but have very little interest in cooking stuff simply because they should know how to. Diversity thrives in the kicken.

I do watch the tv-show Rosemary Shragers School for Cooks, an UK show where the chef Rosemary Shrager teaches a group of amateur chefs to win an internship. The technique of tomorrow build on the techniques taught today. It is a very good point to make.

Tags said...

I usually stir fry every day, so I'm pretty proficient at that, I don't bake much anymore, but I made a couple apple cakes recently that got rave reviews. I make stock from Michael Ruhlman's Ratio and brine pork chops from his Charcuterie.

I have the same attitude when I cook as I did when I was working on computer networks - when the need arises, find out what you need to do and acquire the necessary skill and materials.