Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hendricks Farms and Dairy: Thursday 5.6.2010

Here is a  bunch of pictures of salumi and cheese taken at the farm today. Most of the cheese is very young and has a good deal of aging to do. The first hams will be ready in September (We age them a minimum of 12 months.). I harvested all of the soppresata today and will begin taking down the chorizo tomorrow.

No high fructose corn syrup was used in the making of any of the products that appear in this slide show.  ;-)


bob mcgee said...

You are out of control, I mean, in a good way, i mean, that's a lot of production! go man go

paul said...

it is really incredible all the stuff you have made. I can't remember if you've done a post just on the dried hams, but how do they come out? Have you finished one yet?

Bob del Grosso said...

I made some in '08 that were very good. They're like commonly available prosciutto di Parma: sweet and buttery. The first 5mm or so of fat needed to be trimmed (it was slightly rancid) but otherwise they were great.

Jon in Albany said...

Bob -
Any chance you are handing out sopressatta recipes? I made the one out of Charcuterie and thought it was pretty good. Curious to see if yours is different.

Everything looks great. I am going to have to take a field trip to the farm some day.