Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Trent's Goat (s)

Thus far more than two dozen people have signed on to Trent Hendrick's -not sure what to call it- goat cheese club and I am pleased to say that some of the signatories have come from the far flung regions of the world where A Hunger Artist is read. I'd like to personally thank those of you who have chosen to support Trent's effort to build out a goat cheese program and trust that you will support me when I have to tell him that I refuse to add goat hot dogs to my repertoire of charcuterie for the farm.
All kidding aside, thanks for your support not only of Trent's program but for continuing to check in on A Hunger Artist.
(photo by Debra Richardson

 Here is an update on the goat program excerpted from Trent's most recent newsletter

Way to go folks, it appears you really want this to happen.

We've received several requests to extend the certificate deadline, so for those that are concerned about using your credit for goat products, we will extend the season to 12 months, July 2011 (after July 1 2011 any remaining credit will be lost, no refunds or extensions).  This should make it easier to us the credit for those that consume less.  Those that consume more and are very serious about goats may want to help with additional purchases, or suggest involvement to some restaurants etc that might be interested.

Please feel free to spread the message.  Let's see if we can wrap this up this week yet.  Thanks to all those who stepped up for the opportunity, we look forward to providing you with the best a goat can offer.

Trent Hendricks
Hendricks Farms & Dairy, LLC
202 Green Hill Road
Telford, PA 18969

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Tyrone B, said...

I love the idea, but sadly I did not participate as it would be hard for me to collect the product later!

But I love the fact that enough people participated to make it worthwhile and get something new started that will probably be a great addition to the farm and your repertoire Bob!

(although, now that you mentioned it, some may be looking forward to some tasty would be worth it alone not to bite into bone!)