Monday, March 1, 2010

Italian Government Bans "Molecular Cuisine"

I'm not sure if the Italian Minister of Health is trying to make a joke or a political statement by banning liquid nitrogen, gums and colloids from restaurants but this sure as hell made me laugh.


Jessika said...

Oh the Italian "bureau" for food safety sent out a warning for cinnamon since it contains kumarin. They especially aimed it for Sweden, swedish baking recipes over christmas were considered particularly damaging since cinnamon is quite common.
You should never stop to be surprise.

Tags said...

Starting immediately, all cooking is to be performed at the atomic level.

Molecules will be confiscated and any late-running trains will result in execution of the crew.

Carrie said...

Seriously Tags!! LOL

I read this earlier this week and thought you might have an opinion on it... Also Bittman is judging an episode of Chopped (Iron Chef lite type of show) on Food Network tonight. All kinds of fun for BdG this week. ;)