Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inside the cat and dog meat market in China -

Inside the cat and dog meat market in China -


Tags said...

They eat horses, don't they?

If someone wants to eat dogs or cats, I see no reason to interfere.

Probably tastes like chicken. Carnivorous chicken, but chicken.

Mike Pardus said...

Euro/America-Centric bullshit. The French were living in caves while the Chinese were inventing gastronomy, they should be telling us what to eat.

Jessika said...

It is strange that this continues to be such a topic for discussion. In many parts of the world crayfish and pork is out of the question whereas dog meat is culturally accepted. Having had a variety of meats that is deemed rather culturally unacceptable in the west (and struggled when I found out what I had eaten) I can honestly say that the question of its edibility was cultural. Of course it was more than edible. Some things I'd even have routinely if available.

Antor Biswas said...

Ingredients are so very important to look at when picking out a dog food. The number one ingredient needs to be a protein. Avoid foods with by-products, artificial colors, and no-name meats. If a food says meat instead of chicken, for example, that meat could be absolutely anything. You really need to know what you are feeding your kids.