Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Help Rebuild, Come Celebrate -Haïti Chérie

Sometimes getting Mike Pardus to post is a little like trying to convince a blue whale to wear a miniskirt -ain't happening, no matter how much she wants to wear it -even when posting is surely going to benefit a cause that he is already working like a maniac to pursue. So, I have taken the whale by the tail and cut and pasted this announcement from the Zanmi d'Ayiti web site. Both Mike and I will be working the event all day so stop by and say hello if you are in town. - Bob dG

Please join us for an evening of Haitian cuisine, music, art, and culture to benefit World Hope International.

A contribution to advance their efforts in Haiti will also be given to: Coeur d'Haiti, HELP Haitian Education & Leadership Program, Institut Monfort & Pwoje Espwa (Hope in Haiti).


608 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001


March 12, 2010
V.I.P. Reception: 6pm – 7pm
General Admission: 7pm – 1am


V.I.P.: $125 ($115 before March 5)
General Admission: $75 ($65 before March 5)
$10 discount for Seniors (65+)

Click here to purchase tickets now

*Purchase before February 28, 2010 may be eligible for the 2009 tax return charity contribution deduction, $100 tax deduction for VIP tickets and $50 tax deduction for General Admission.

To deduct your charitable contributions, please see your tax professional for more details.


There will also be live performances throughout the evening by Haitian and international artists including:


Haitian and international cuisines led by French-Haitian chef Cedric Tovar ofDaniel.

Art and Culture

Audio and visual displays featuring Haitian history, art, culture, and moving testimonials from Haitians and Haitian Americans.

Silent Auction

A silent auction of Haitian and international art, luxury and designer items and more.


Mike Pardus said...

Thanks, Bob - I'm a weeny. I'm letting the pedestrian need for sleep over ride my chefly instincts to push through and get it all done. You usually do end up picking up my slack when I bite off more than i can chew.
Gonna be a great [party - and probably a great AFTER party as well...anyone interested in joining?

bob mcgee said...

What u guys are doing is awesome, thanx for the inspiration!