Sunday, March 14, 2010

Haiti Cheri

Beginning with a conversation in Cedric Tovar's living room on January 17th and culminating in an event on March 12 at La Venue on W28th street in Manhattan, a huge amount of work was accomplished by an army of people. I'm proud to even know these folks - like Cedric Tovar and Wendy Chan - let alone have the privilege of planning, working, and achieving results with them. And, of course, Bob was there, mostly behind the scenes, working harder and staying longer to get the job done - a constant source of knowledge, wit, and philosophy as well as a damned good story teller between the thousands of pieces of pastry to fill and plantains to peel. The common theme behind all of our adventures together is "Just Do It". It's great to associate with people who see obstacles as challenges and have the confidence to work though them. It's especially important that they supply such good role models for my students - 16 of whom helped out on Friday. Through the example of Bob, Cedric, Wendy and all of the others, the next generation of Chefs will,I hope, have the same ethic and understand that vision coupled with really hard work is a reward in itself. Bottom line, thanks to everyone for helping me have so much fun doing something so useful.

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Bob del Grosso said...

Holy Moses! There were 16 students who came in? I knew there was a lot, and I was bowled over by how seriously they applied themselves to the work. There was not one who screwed around or in any way gave in to the considerable temptation to party. Please thank them for me or send me their contact info so I can thank them myself.
Never mind what their presence and exemplary behavior says about you.