Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Junk: The Pizza Cone

The Pizza Cone?
The name does not make literal sense (pizza means pie, cake or tart -none of which are conical) and it is probably horrible but I'll bet the pizza cone does well. It seems to have the  "make it familiar a little quirky"  prerequisite down and, since the bar of quality for pizza is already set very low (yes, even in NY), it should sell well.


erikmandersen said...

I think a lot of times, I'm a sucker for gimmicks, so I'd probably try it. I doubt it would be a regular thing for me, though.

Tags said...

Stromboli cone, maybe. Not a pizza cone. This is just a pointy stromboli. Throw in a little ricotta, you got calzone. Fry it, it's a panzarotti.

Been there, done that, nothing new to see here.

charcutier said...

I agree, name aside it is nothing new. But how many things these days are. It will likely do well if it is the least bit tasty. It seems convenient and gimmicky enough to appeal to the masses. Especially in a touristy area where people are looking for something "unique."

scott said...

Horrifying...nothing to do with pizza. I'm disgusted with how far they've stretched pizza, still never getting the original done right.

tyronebcookin said...

I'm telling you from my own observations from traveling, we (United States Citizens) are seen as the "Mikey's" of the old Life cereal commercials..."give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything!"

*(from within and outside our own country)

Sometimes it makes us "on the cutting edge', ground-breakers, ingenious, and sometimes we just look like fools.

Jessika said...

The concept is hardly new; bread + filling = food. Most anywhere in the world you'll find something wrapped in bread, called sandwhich or something else where the bread is just a container. calling it pizza is just to familiarise it. But in a land of fast food, well why not.