Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sous Vide Machine

This might be worth looking into

A Chef’s Fine Art, Now Available in Homes Near You -


Jessika said...

I thought that sous vide was barely acceptable from food safety inspections agencies in some states in the US but maybe that has changed?
We had dinner at El Bulli once. Talk about taking sous vide and low temp cooking to the absolute max.

Tags said...

It already hurts not to have one yet.

That bodes well for the manufacturers.

jennysfood said...

First off, let me just whine about how lucky you are to have had the opportunity to eat at El Bulli. I imagine it was life-changing.

Sous-Vide cooking is actually very safe as long as the chef knows the correct temperature at which to cook the ingredient. Keeping food within the 'danger zone' for prolonged periods of time allows bacteria to multiply exponentially. As long as the bag in which you are cooking the meat is vaccuum sealed and the sous-vide uses a temperture control ( as in, you didn't stick a piece of meat in a zip-lock bag and into a pot of water with your fingers crossed), then you should be a-ok! more info here:

Jessika said...

Oh El Bulli was exceptionally nice :). They were in their foam-period. Everything was made into foam. There was an oyster foam I could have done without. There was also a wild flower salad that I am still dreaming of :).

The sous vide. I read in an article that it was prohibited (?) for restaurants to cook using sous vide in New York City. Since there are alot of europeans walking around, having obviously eaten food cooked sous vide, food protection and inherent dangers that were quoted seemed loosely based.
As you say, as long as you know what you're doing and cook according to the principle, you'll be fine.