Friday, December 11, 2009

Big Angus Bull

This is one of the hind legs of a reddish Black Angus bull that was slaughtered last Thursday. He was a big guy -about 1200 pounds hanging (dressed) weight; one ton live weight- who'd been living on the farm for a little over a year. I never thought much of him until this week when I had to cut his carcass up.

Previously, I'd just thought of him as a big, virile but not very handsome bull. But now I think about him a lot. I'm amazed by the size, color and aroma of his muscles and what that all says about how powerful he must have been. Look at the size if those shanks. They are not the biggest I've seen, but they are prodigious.

I am astounded by how much like "roast" beef this smells. That might sound odd but in my experience raw beef  (or any meat for that matter) rarely smells anything like it does when it is cooked. This stuff smells so much like cooked meat that I found myself getting hungry while I was working on it yesterday. I cannot remember ever having my appetite piqued by the smell of meat while I was butchering. It's actually a little disconcerting. I hope I'm not turning into a werewolf or some other type of feral carnivorous beast.

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Jon in Albany said...

Did you try any if the meat raw?

The guy that butchers our cows is always taking a little bite here and there. He says if he isn' don't have good beef. Almost everything he has in his private business is raised by the family/farmer eating the meat.

I started taking bites with him. The flavor is excellent, but in the small amount of butchering I have been involved with (4 cows), the smell is always good but not like "roast beef."

paul said...

I had a similar experience when slaughtering some chickens a while back. It wasn't a strong roast chicken smell, but definitely smelled like it was cooked. I thought I was imagining it.

Bob del Grosso said...

I don't think imagination has much to do with it.Rather I believe it's a symptom of the intrinsic quality of the meat.

Jon in Albany,
Yes, I did eat some raw. Not much mind you, but enough to grok it.

Jessika said...

I just adore steak tartare!!
It looks pretty although with the last picture I coult get too much into the anatomy of muscles ;).

I always look for nice marbling of meat whereas alot of people that doesn't know a great deal about food thinks that that is a sign of poor meat quality. Do you notice anything that factors into creating marbling in the meat?