Monday, November 16, 2009


This video of piglets being tossed around like footballs and caged and injured pigs with open wounds makes me spitting mad. There is no way to justify this sort of treatment.

And check out this statement by the president of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, Dr. Butch Baker,

“They [Mercy For Animals -the maker of the video.] would like to put all those people (farmers) out of business and out of work," Baker told Fox News. "I have no patience for anyone who abuses animals or no tolerance and I don’t think anyone should, but these films ... really are an attack on the rural lifestyle of America."

While it is undoubtedly true that Mercy For Animals wants to put the meat business out of business, that does not mean they are wrong in pointing out infuriatingly cruel animal husbandry practices. Put another way, if what we see in this video is typical of what goes on at big farms like this -and I believe it is- then these people should be out of business.

Click here to see the video


Jessika said...

how are they (the films) an attack on rural america?

My theory under free speech is that you watch and then make up your own mind on what you eat or not. In Europe pigs and other "for food" animals are transported all over the continent. Sometimes a whole truckload die from heat exhaustion, stress etc. I haven't heard of small farms that raise their own animals have this problems, rather they seem to choose their source of animals more carefully and the shorter the transports the better.

Tags said...

A "veterinarian" who looks at that video and says it's an "attack on the rural lifestyle" is obviously a spokesman for the factory farms who has no interest in representing anything other than corporate clients trying to minimize bad PR.

If it looks like a duck & quacks like a fox, it's probably a fox disguised as a duck.

bob mcgee said...

It's merely attack on the specific practices of 1 farm, I get that, not the whole rural lifestyle. However it is a valid attack on a despicable
farm, full of filthy people, doing unthinkable(now sadly, thinkable)things to Americas food supply. If these are the general "husbandry" techniques that exists across America(doubtless), how screwed are we.
Nik, Heath, what you guys are doing is the exception, but needs to be the rule.

Natalie Sztern said...

I can't even bring myself to look at the video I am sorry to say...I have to make supper tonight

Jessika said...

If we disregard the small farming, what is actually the point of taking pigs, or cows, from Spain and trucking them up to Denmark? The EU prohibits, all that can be regarded as trading obstacles. If this is why you can truck pigs and other animals all over Europe with assorted injuries to the animals as a result, no matter the rules for ventilation, breaks, etc. Truckloads of animals still die each year and are injured at slaughter beyond recognition.
For whom is it done? The price of food has increased so the argument that it keeps the market economy even based by offering the best prices doesn't fly either.