Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recently Sheep

Last week Trent Hendricks and I bought 25 sheep to add to the stock of the farm. They will be raised for meat, although I cannot rule out the possibility that some will be shorn for wool by an ambitious knitting witted slow-fabric fanatic. Goodness knows the woods and meadows are crawling with them :-)!

If you are in the mood for some gigot d' angenau aux lentilles  or don't know what to do with the quart of mint jelly gathering dust in your basement, I'll be butchering lamb all day today.


Jessika said...

Can't they be used for both? Be "shaved" while they grow and then slaughtered? (I don't know anything about meat production, I know alot about wool though :) )

bob mcgee said...

Congrats Bob(and Trent, they look very content. What breed are they?

Bob del Grosso said...

bob m
They are Dorset-Polypay crosses.

Yes, they can be shorn for wool and we will do that if we can muster the labor force to get it done.

Jessika said...

Cool, if you are ever out of time you should try to learn the norwegian method of making a lusekofte, and to luse-knit. You knit in wool in three layers. So warm you barely need a coat.