Thursday, September 10, 2009

Op-Ed Contributor - Big Food vs. Big Insurance -

Michael Pollan:

The citizens of the United States spend too much on health care in part because many of us are too fat. And we are too fat because we overeat and we eat too much processed foods.

That works for me.

Op-Ed Contributor - Big Food vs. Big Insurance -


Tags said...

Can't happen soon enough.

nhallfreelance said...

I think Dan Barber got it right in his piece in The Nation. Even if sufficient political pressure develops to enact some reasonable amount of change in the way big pharma and big farm interact, I don't think the bottom line effect on health will be quite what we'd hope. Americans have forgotten what it is to cook, and until that changes, the golden arches will still seem like a warm hug on the interstate to most Americans. All the fresh, organic, locally sourced produce in the world won't really matter as long as Americans still think that "cooking" is throwing a bag of steamfresh broccoli in the microwave and boiling some minute brown rice in a bag. And that's an example of someone who kind of makes an effort. What really needs to happen is a push to return Americans to the kitchen. Now how to do that?

Scotty said...

And of course the corn lobby will stay silent . . .

natalie sztern said...

ever ask why Jennie Craig, et al don't exist in Canada? The only national diet center here is weight - that's it....cause our deli sandwiches are not yard high nor do our restaurants have salad bars and when one orders a hamburger they get a 4 oz'er and if a 6'ozer is put down then WOW we exclaim 'look at the size of this burger"

poutines are eaten when one goes on a field trip to pick apples and foie gras except for pied du cochon, is on very few fine dining menus.

I mean really: the cookie diet???? started in the Great Us of A

Jennifer S said...

I guess all of us who have food blogs need to share our knowledge with our friends.
While I am not a chef, I'm a long time home cook, and I'm working on some basic cooking classes to give at a local church.

I've decided to name it "Step Away From the Microwave."