Friday, September 11, 2009


Last week I had a surfeit of pork shoulder, so I decided to make what many Italo-Americans call gabbagool. In goomba-speak gabbagool is, in reality, capicola or coppa -something I've been eating since I was knee-high to a mutzarelle (mozzarella).

If I wanted to be anal about this project and make a coppa that was true to the meaning of it's name, I would not have bothered. Since the word coppa refers to the nape of the neck, an authentic coppa would only be made from meat that is taken from ahead of the shoulder (top of the foreleg) running beside the spine below the dorsal region. Shoulder meat (I used chuck) would be wrong.

However, in Italy it is not uncommon for coppa to be made from shoulder. So even though coppa means nape, and capicola neck, I decided it was okay to make it from chuck.

There is a joke in here. I just can't see it.


Scotty said...

As long as Chuck was a consenting adult, I have no problem.

Tags said...

So that's what it's called - goomba speak. How do you spell ga gootz?

(and extra credit if you can spell fa cock ta)