Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Dairy is Big

Who knew Big Dairy got this big?


Ed Bruske said...

I saw that episode! I love "America's Heartland" because it's precisely the chamber of commerce version of agriculture. Every week they proudly parade another industrial ag atrocity. It would be hard to find a better source for what's wrong with the way America feeds itself.

Jessika said...

A litre of milk is about a dollar here depending on currency. Organic milk is slightly higer.
Recently one of the larger dairy producers announced a price increase in milk to be able to allow for bigger compensation to dairy farmers. They are paid something ridiculous out of that dollar, 10 20 cents something. I am all for higher compensation to farmers, especially smaller farms. I'm wondering, however, that is a miniscule portion of that dollar is going to the farmer, then where does all the other money go to?
And pictures like that is enough to make anyone want to go low scale dairy (or any farming) and reach for whatever organic there is.

dave said...

Am I the only one who is seeing shades of gray here? Any operation that can allow a large faction of the public to *see* how food is produced in person can't be all bad, even if it's intensive/industrial agriculture. Personal experiences will allow them to better inform their own food choices.

Bob del Grosso said...

It's gray. You are not the only one who sees it.

Tags said...

Gray onstage, too dark to see offstage.

What we need is transparency.

Just look at the hospital chains, insurance companies, agribehemoths, pharmaceuticals, and banks for why we need transparency.