Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alt-Del Grosso Tomato Sauce

If the people who make this sauce are related to me, I won't know unless we volunteer to have our genomes analyzed. I've spoken to one of them who told me that his ancestors were from a part of Italy that was hundreds of miles from my father's ancestral village. So, if we are related, our families branched apart a long time ago.

I've known about the "tomato sauce DelGrossos" for over forty years.

When I was about 10 years old my father came home from work one day with a can of DelGrosso meat sauce. I don't know how he got because in those days the sauce was only available in Pennsylvania and we lived on Long Island in New York State. However, I suspect that it wasn't easy to get because the can was never opened. Never. That can stayed in my mother's pantry for 25 years until she tossed it out ahead of building a new kitchen.

Of course, we all loved looking at the can so no one wanted to open it and risk wrecking it. Moreover, my mother never used canned sauce and my Dad, well he was the son of a professional chef and a mother who was a very accomplished practitioner of the cuisine of Emilia Romagna -so there were several reasons why that can lasted so long. (Including being frightened to open it after years of incubation in the pantry.)

Nowadays I can look at DelGrosso sauce labels virtually any time by walking into my mudroom where a big MEAT SAUCE label hangs in a red frame. Their sauce is in most of the supermarkets here in Pa. and, my youngest brother tell me, at least one supermarket in our hometown. And, of course, I can pull up images like the one at the top of this post anytime from the web.


Tags said...

Next time you talk to one of them, remind them that sauce with meat is called "gravy."

You'd think that after all these years they'd understand English.

Kevin said...

I have a similar (albeit more certain) connection to a food product.

natalie sztern said...

u shud find