Monday, August 3, 2009

Pardus and Livert Discover Gold on the Shores of the Delaware

Just checking in during the busy summer. This weekend was spent with David Livert and his wife at their house on the banks of the Delaware River. Despite beautiful weather for canoeing on Saturday, the rest of the weekend was a series of down pours and fog reminscent of the 1985 floods in Northern California. This reminded me that , contrary to what you may hear about foraging several days after the rains subside, chaterelles do not mind popping their golden heads up in the midst of a deluge.

So, donning shoes we were sure to soak through and attitudes sure not to, we took walk- about, culminating in the discovery of one of the richest chanterelle veins I've ever seen in my life. We spent about 45 minutes on our hands and kness in the same spot, filling 4 grocery bags before deciding that - since we couldn't carry more, we should stop.

Returning to the house for a celebratory libation, we finished the hunt by cleaning and then cooking all of the mushrooms - my logic went like this "What the F are we going to do with all of these? They suck when you dry them and they're too wet to last very long as they are....I got it!....saute in olive oil and butter, reduce resulting liquid, cool and freeze them in portion sized bags for convenient later use".

It's been a wet summer - get out doors and make the most of it!


Tags said...

Gilding the Livert, libation for lagniappe!

Bob del Grosso said...

You could also buy 20 1.5 lb lobsters, scald them, pull the meat and make one effing hell of a stew.

Wow zowie that's some haul!

anne said...

after the giant morels, an abundance of chanterelles---i have serious mushroom envy.

Robert said...

A beautiful haul. I love cooking with chanterelles, but tend to not do so very often due to the price. Finding them would be a major treat. I have to learn about fungi in general, and even more to learn about harvesting, but I'm getting there. Pulled a nice looking one out of the bush at my inlaws farm last week. I of course looked it up first, and found out that it was highly toxic, i.e. wash-your-hands-after-touching toxic. Like I said, I have lots to learn! :-)

ekebaw1232 said...

We had a spot by Tivoli when I was at CIA where we would find Chants and Black Trumpets. The best was the Milkeys in the woods on campus behind the parking lot, But my real question was:

I have made a chinese "style" sausage that calls for vodka (it is from the CIA garde manger book) the alcohol with an addition of fish sauce a light cure with prague #1 and a two hour smoke has produced on of the best sausages I have ever had. I was going to try to use fish sauce(unconventional) and Laproaig to make a banger. Have you ever heard of anything like this?

Jarrod said...

I am so jealous. That is an amazing amount of chantrelles, and you got them all for free.

I am hoping you had some in a traditional Spanish tapa style, sautéed extremely hot and fast and served with a raw egg yolk. . .AMAZING!!!