Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here are two stages in the life of air dried beef in the style of the bresaola of Lombardy. The piece in the foreground was taken out of the cure today, rinsed and tied, and hung in the aging room where it will dry and mature for 4-6 weeks. The two specimens in the background were hung at the beginning of July and are ready to be sold. All three are made from whole eye rounds from our grassfed cows (foreground) and bulls (background).
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Mike Pardus said...

Funny, Sierra was jonesin for your bresaola last week, so we bought an eye round to cure. Going to start it this weekend.

scott said...

It appears as if they're not cased, correct, Bob? Do you find they come out better uncased? I've been casing mine in 90mm collagen and spraying with M-EK-4.

Bob del Grosso said...

You are correct they are not cased.

I have cased them in Genoa casings before but never collagen casings. I would not say that they come out better uncased, but they are certainly very good.
I suppose if you prefer a soft, fine grained surface, casing is the way to go. Me, I like the rough look and texture that comes from the dehydration and separation of the surficial muscle fibers.
So what I'm doing is not better by any objective measure, just different. Great question, thanks.

scott said...

I agree, they do look great. I think I'm partial to the cased meat, only because there is no hardening of the actual flesh(if dried correctly, of course), I just hung another one. Have a look.