Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vegetarain bones make easy cracking

Cannibals who prefer that their livestock abstain from meat eating apparently know what they are doing.

A joint Australian-Vietnamese study of links between the bones and diet of more than 2,700 people found that vegetarians had bones five percent less dense than meat-eaters

Surely the weaker bones of vegetarians makes it much easier for the anthropophage to extract the marrow.

Vegetarian diet 'weakens bones' - Yahoo! News

Thanks to Tags for sending this to us.


Ed Bruske said...

I am definitely not opposed to vegetarianism. Some of my favorite things to eat are vegetarians.

Gary Allen said...

Not to mention the fact that vegetarians -- not being accustomed to hunting their neighbors for food -- can be easier to hunt, as they have less experience defending themselves from dangerous prey.

Bob del Grosso said...

It's like I allege Fernand Point to have said "it's the ingredients stupid!"

Thanks for the Darwinian perspective. We needed that.