Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Pork Fat's Tale

Okay, so the title is a reference to Canterbury Tales and probably indicative of nothing more or less than I do not know what to call this post about one of the many acts of charcuterie that I committed this early summer week. Time to move on...


Tags said...

I didn't see no Eddie Mush or Frankie Coffeecake so I figured it wasn't based on no Bronx Tale.

Gary Allen said...

When I saw the title, I was thinking of something else entirely. Long ago, I knew a guy who lived in a little log cabin, way back in the woods, where he raised all his own food -- including a couple of pigs. He never wasted anything when he slaughtered a pig.

Next to his cook stove, hanging on a nail, there was always a curly pig's tail -- at the base of which was a lump of fat. When he was cooking -- say eggs or pancakes -- he'd use the tail like a brush to grease his skillet, then hang it back on the nail.

I can't say much for his hygiene, but it's hard to default his practicality.