Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm a bloody rock star!

I've wanted to be a rock star ever since I first saw real live rock stars on the stage at the Fillmore East in, I think, 1969. I was 13 when I saw Albert King, Chuck Berry and The Who tearing it up a what was arguably one of the two best venues for rock concerts in the world (The Fillmore West being the other). And given how thrilled I was to see Chuck do whatever that dance he did was called (duck walk?) and the maniacal Keith Moon breaking drum sticks as he played faster, and with more skill than any rock drummer I can think of, you would be forgiven for thinking that I ran home and formed a band.

But no, I've never been serious enough about music to actually learn how to play and instrument and singing loud enough to be taken seriously as a R&R singer has always felt to me to be, I don't know, impolite?

So, even though I've always wanted to be a rock star, I never bothered to become one, until now.
And check it out: I did not have to pick up a guitar or open my mouth to do it. All I had to do was butcher.

See, according to Kim Severson writing for the New York Times, butchers are competing with chefs to be the rock stars of the culinary world. (So as a chef and a butcher I must be competing with myself? Odd.) She cites people who say butchers are hot, and that they like the fact that we wield big knives and are often covered in blood.

So now I'm a rock star and I've got Kim Severson and the NY Times to thank for it. Of course I have to thank my audience too, because without my fans, I could have never become the bloody awesome super star that I always knew I was but was too lazy and untalented to achieve on my own!

Never mind the bollocks, here's the butcher


Scotty said...

I really liked your drum solo on the pork belly!

Jennifer S said...

It's good you're not letting it go to your head. :)

Kevin said...

You've always been a rock star to me - I'm thinking Nigel Tufnel in Spinal Tap.

Tags said...

If there's a rock and roll heaven, you know they got a hell of a kitchen.

IdahoRocks said...

Loved the music and the butcher photos....but what was with the truck and all the logs???

On the other hand, maybe I ought to quit the pastry chef biz and start again at our local USDA butcher....the thought has crossed my mind more than once....after all, sausage is my junk food....

Bob del Grosso said...

I added the truck photos for atmosphere. It was outside the kitchen window at the farm dropping off wood on the day that the butcher photos were shot. (The farm buildings and water are heated by a wood furnace.)

kristin said...

Bob you are always a rock star to us!