Thursday, July 16, 2009

Evidence of Genius: Exhibit 1

Not that anyone has ever had any reason to doubt the depth and breath of my intelligence. But it can't hurt to publish a reminder of how miraculously smart I am to warn off those who might try to get over on me during one of those moments when I pretend to be in a weakened condition.

For example, this morning I decided to tackle a problem that afflicts millions but until today has proved to be unsolvable.

As everyone knows fly-swatters are reasonably green, cheap, and low tech devices that in the right hands are pretty good at killing flies. However, many people who use them have terrible aim and timing and do not manage to kill too many flies. Plus, killing flies by smacking them with a fly swatter often results in the dismemberment of the fly which leaves the killing area littered with fly parts and guts - a real liability in a kitchen where sanitation is a major concern.

My solution to the problem is to combine an ordinary fly swatter with a can of fly spray. Now, when I want to kill flies, I pop the cap on the spray, depress it with the paddle of the swatter, and no matter how bad my aim is the flies drop like flies.

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Ed Bruske said...

Bob, have you been sniffing the fly spray?

Bob del Grosso said...

It's a goof, of course. But a goof that was published too quickly and with too much bad grammar. Wow, if only I could afford an editor...

Kevin said...

Then you can simply wipe the spray off the sausage. Brilliant!

Tags said...

But do you have flypaper hanging in the bathroom?

That, friends, is the benchmark of genius.

ntsc said...

It is what gives his sausage its unique flavor.

And I've had it.

Deb Chance, President & CEO said...

You guys are funny and freakin' geniuses! I have been completely distracted by your blog but should get back to work. I wonder if I could impose on either of you to take a look at my website/blog and (be gentle) critique my food related invention,
Thank you! Deb Chance