Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Critic’s Notebook - The Cult of the Artisanal Pizza -

Recently they have tried to convince us that hamburgers are worthy of endless permutations, concomitant criticism and marketing buzz. Now it looks like the hipsters of the restaurant establishment are gearing up to turn pizza into an "it" food. Yawn. What is going to be next, hot dogs or salad perhaps?

Of course I know that these trends involving gussied up low food cost products are fueled by economic necessity. And I certainly have nothing but respect for the people who make the stuff well. It is the sturm und drang of the critics and consumers that I find so tedious in its sameness from fad to fad.

Critic’s Notebook - The Cult of the Artisanal Pizza


Jessika said...

I agree. I asked a friend, who works at one of the hip food mags that why does there always have to be something new? Because old doesn't exist in the news business, you are always looking for the newest thing.

The interesting or perhaps not so interesting thing with that is that while looking for the new stuff the rest of us keep on eating, pretty much, what we were until the new new comes back and the cycle repeats where old is the new new. Much like re-inventing the wheel over and over and over again.

Walt said...


Ask and you shall recieve..."Haute Dogs" have arrived.

Tags said...

Food fads are like space debris. It's all out there.

Which ones you come across depends on where you are in your own orbit.

Bob del Grosso said...

Tags, well said old man, well said.


I read that but am not sure it's in the same league, not yet anyway. Watch out for hot dogs filled with rare and unusual ingredients (truffles, pork confit) and restaurants built around the concept of a hot dog.

tyronebcookin said...

I feel the same as you Bob.

Jessika said...

Oh that sausage thing has already happened here (sweden), not as hot dog though but all of a sudden everyone was making sausage, IS making sausage.

Laurence said...

Food fetishism (as opposed to food fetishes, wink wink) is oh so tedious.