Saturday, July 18, 2009

Consumer Advisory Warning

The Worst Pizza I've Ever Tried to Eat

Last night I had pizza that was so bad that I could not believe how bad it was. There was nothing redeeming about, nothing. The sauce was sweet and thin, the cheese was typical pizza shop quality mozzarella (tasteless and rubbery) but the kicker was the crust.

One has to be clever to construct pizza crust that is mushy on the inside, crispy outside, under baked, absent of yeast flavor and salt, pale and ugly. But whoever designed this recipe shows himself to be an evil genius of pizza couture in the way he managed to make the pizza smell like a CINNAMON DONUT!

Yes, you read that correctly, the crust has something in it that makes it smell like cinnamon. And no, it wasn't an accident, I searched (googled) for posts about PEACE O PIZZA (apparently it's a franchise operation) and found others who made the same comment.

Peace O Pizza makes the frozen stuff in the supermarket and public school cafeteria pizza look like high art.


natalie sztern said...

the united states of america should be re-named the united states of chain restaurants. a franchisers mecca

Tags said...

Cinnamon in or near tomato sauce (or gravy) is a felony against flora and fauna alike.

Now is this Evidence of Genius: Exhibit 2 (Evil) or Evidence of Evil Genius: Exhibit 1?

Ed Bruske said...

Bob, you may have to explain what you were doing in a place called Peace O Pizza.

Jenn said...

Was it PEACE O PIZZA or PEACE A PIZZA? We have PEACE A PIZZA around Philly and it's okay.

Dr Zibbs said...

I don't know how they stay in business. Pizza is terrible.

wil.phil said...


What's a nice guy like you doing in a place like that?

Bob del Grosso said...

For the record: How I came to eat that Pizza

-Wife and kids wanted pizza for dinner
-I had no dough prepped so I asked my wife to order some. I was sick of the pizza at the place that we ordered from most often so I suggested POP because it was closer to my house and easier to reach than any of the others I knew about.

Since most of the pizza I've had here sucks, I was not especially leery and figured POP would suck about the same as the rest of them. I never imagined it would suck so much more than the status quo.

Tags said...

They must know they sell lousy pizza. They have a sign on their website that says (I'm not making this up, see for yourself) "Sorry We're Open."

Gary Allen said...

Agreed, cinnamon on pizza is anathema -- but most Greek and Balkan tomato sauces contain honey and cinnamon, so it's not an automatic no-no.