Monday, July 6, 2009

Coffee deal

After reading my post about Doma Coffee, he became overwhelmed by a fit of chutzpah I suspect is not at all atypical of people who spend half their lives on ocean going ships and asked if my name could get him a deal on coffee. I blew the comment off, but Terry Patano, Doma Coffee Roasting Company's owner and principal rotisseur des cafes, read and took the comment to heart and offered TyroneBcookin (and anyone else who wants to sample Terry's work) the following deal:

Between now and August 6th, 2009, order one pound of Doma coffee and Terry will add in a half pound of another coffee of his choosing. Just make sure to fill in the line on the order form that asks for your company's name with the words "A Hunger Artist."

Also please keep in mind that I have no financial interest in any of this. I'm only trying to promote the work of a fellow artisan and expect no financial or material gain from any transaction that anyone makes with Doma Coffee Roasting Company.


tyronebcookin said...

Not to make idle inquiries...

Bob, just got my Brazil Organic ordered from Doma Coffee...and used the great 'special' code and will also be looking forward to that extra half pound.

"Ask and ye shall receive"

[Quote - somewhere in the Bible, new testament]

Carrie said...

You rock Tyrone! Thanks for asking - we'll enjoy our bonus half pound a lot more than the generic Kirkland brand we usually drink.

You also rock BdG! :)

Walt said...

I just placed my order for two pounds! I rarely drink coffee (the wife does) so I'm hoping the Ethiopian blend will "shake my perceptions".

Many thanks to Tyrone, Bob and especially Terry.

Hey Bob, any "homies" at Hudson Valley Foie Gras?