Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The state of the oven

My aging mind is such a blur of past events that I really don't remember when Jerl Pino took over the completion of the Tuscan style wood fired oven that Trent Hendricks and I began in September of 2008. The date he took charge doesn't matter anyway. What's important is that he took over the job, because unlike me, he's actually going to get it done.

I took these photos last Saturday (6.20.09). I'm guessing that working at his usual rate of 1 or 2 days per week, Jerl is two weeks away from completing it to the point where we can begin to fire it up to baking temperature. He needs to build the chimney, build the outer wall (with block) then fill in the gap with insulation (mortar and vermiculite). When that's done, we will build a series of increasingly hot fires to temper the masonry before firing it up for baking.

I have no doubt that baking in this thing is going to be like learning to bake all over again.


Scotty said...

Having been there at the beginning, that looks frakking amazing. Can I play with your toy?

Tags said...

Fermented cheese, fermented meat, fermented bread...

When are you going to install a still for fermented beverages - the final frontier. (for all you "foodies")