Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slow Salami Sunday UPDATE

Last Sunday I wrote about how I acted on an urge to make a batch of Tuscan style salami. The post outlined the process up to the beginning of the fermentation of the meat. Today's post picks up the process on Wednesday when I retrieved the meat from the refrigerator in my garage and ground it.
It was my intention to stuff it at home too. But I decided against it when I realized that the stuffing attachment for my Kitchenaid stand mixer would ruin the texture by pulverizing the fat -which I wanted to remain in ~1/4" chunks- as it worked along the worm gear. So I took the forcemeat to the farm and expressed it into hog casing with the piston stuffer then brought it home to age.

Salami Stuffing Process

At the farm I always age the meat in the cheese aging room which is well controlled for humidity, temperature and air flow. But whenever I've aged meat at home in the past, I've winged it by hanging it in the basement and crossing my fingers. Well, I've decided not to do that anymore and build an aging room. But before I start shooting nails into the foundation and putting up studs I'm going to tinker around with different prototypes by way of determining how big the room needs to be, how often the air needs to turn over etc.

Here is my first prototype aging room. I put it up on Saturday in about an hour. Humidity is controlled by a vaopirizer hooked up to a timer. The air is turn over twice a day by a small fan (also on a timer). I expect that future versions of this will include a larger humidifer with a humdistat and a larger much slower turning fan.
Aging Room


Ed Bruske said...

Dang, Bob. This could totally throw the real estate industry for a loop. A jacuzzi will never be enough. Now every house will need an aging room.

Cameron Siguenza said...

Looks good!

Are you logging temperature and humidity with a probe / data logger?

I use a mini fridge. It is fine for small pieces of meat. I dream of a room one day.


Bob del Grosso said...

LOL, I just stick my hand in there once a day is all the probing and data logging I do. Actually, what you suggest is a great idea but I haven't seen any devices like that that I can afford. Any suggestions?

scott said...

Wish I had the room for that. Fantastic.