Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alcohol’s Good for You? Some Scientists Doubt It

So what are these scientists going to doubt next: the health dealing benefits of pastured acorn fed hog fat and grass fed beef; the wisdom of universal vaccinations against flu viri; the existence of god and reality of life after death? I mean: how dare they?

Alcohol’s Good for You? Some Scientists Doubt It - NYTimes.com


Ed Bruske said...

Everyhing in moderation, right? Red wine is loaded with beneficial flavenoids. A moderate amount of alcohol tends to dilate the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure. I prefer wine and spirits to beer, which has too many carbs. In fact, dry wine and spirits a perfectly fine if you are on a low-carb diet. I like an occasional gin martini, which delivers a dose of healthy fat if you include an olive. Perhaps even healthier is my latest favorite, Henderson gin, which is best served with fresh cucumber. So yes, Virginia, you can drink your green vegetables. But be careful: there are calories in you wine glass that will turn to fat if you are not burning them off. So drink and get your exercise.

Sheila said...

Ed is right ya know.....everything in moderation, as many of us were taught my our parents.

Alcohol is exactly like Heroin or any illegal OR legal drug. It certainly helps a person deal with stress, temporarily. The cause is simply waiting until your drink has finished its apparent handy work.

ntsc said...

I forget is butter good or bad this year?

What about sunlight?

Jason Sandeman said...

Sigh. I just stop listening to the "scientists" anyway. One can not be sure of the agenda that they have, who is paying them, and how they are funded.

First, beer is bad, now good, wine is good, no - bad for you, then its moderation.

Trans Fats, soluble whatchamucallits, hormones, genetically modified foods, shit trucked from the ends of the earth, where does one begin?

Life is short enough, I am a chef. I create memories, not straitjackets. If I have a bit of a bigger waist, then I can at least say that I have lived.

tyronebcookin said...

Uh, yeah...what more can I add to the comments? its been said for me on all accounts. DITTO

Bob del Grosso said...

Here here. It seems that I cook and eat for reasons that are alien to the audience that is receptive to the health advice of nutritionists and nutrition science. I suppose that means that I and everyone I feed will be miserably sick,but then maybe not.