Friday, May 29, 2009

A gift of Globe

Jearl Pino, one of the guys who likes to come around to the farm and help with various projects, bought a Globe slicer from some guy who advertized it on Craigslist. I suppose the machine was too big to keep at Jearl's house because he asked if he could leave it at the farm. We are free to use it at will and I've already begun breaking it in. And check this out: he paid $75.00 for the thing! It's probably thirty years old but it's in perfect condition.

Today I used it to slice up a prosciutto made from Berkshire pork. I hung this about 12 months ago. It's cured only with salt (sodium chloride) nothing else, and tastes just like the real thing -I suppose because it is the real thing.


Jennifer S said...

While I certainly don't mind the focus on the proscuitto (Mmmmm....),
you can't see much of the slicer in the photos. How big is the Globe, roughly, dimensions-wise?

blondee47 said...

i just wish i was within driving distance to the farm,, i would go hog wild with these procuitto slices they look so good...mmm

Glenn said...

Your proscuitto looks great, Bob. I've been ramping up my personal charcuterie experiments over the last couple of years, but haven't had the balls to do a whole proscuitto yet. Nice work, bro!

ntsc said...

I'm ordering a wine cooler, 42-57F, today to hang ham in, the five months of the year that my basement is cool enough being unsatisfactory.

when I looked at a used commercial slicer my wife's comment was: 'And what will your third wife think about that?' Which is code around here for 'don't even think about it.'

Ulla said...

I am so jealous, I have wanted a slicer for as long as I remember. It look so cool, and with your own prosciutto even cooler! Awesome!