Monday, May 18, 2009

Egyptian Pig Slaughter

I'm putting a hyperlink to this unbelievably horrible video of the hog cull in Egypt instead of posting the video because it is just too disturbing to include in this blog. If there is anyone out there who can explain to me how what the Egyptian government is doing makes any sense at all, I'd like to hear about it.

Stuff like this renders almost trite all complaints about the way that animals are treated in American slaughterhouses as it magnifies the fact that there is no animal in this world that has the potential to be as wantonly and efficiently destructive of life as we humans.


Louis said...

Egypt is a muslim country. They don't eat pork and they probably don't like anyone who does. There is a Christian minority over in that country that does eat pork without remorse and I'm sure they enjoy their bacon and ham as much as we do.

Sick pigs? Slaughter them all! The Egyptian Christians shall have no more!

Just like 9/11 was our excuse to invade Iraq, the swine flu is their excuse to prevent anyone from eating pig and push their beliefs onto others.

That's what I think is happening over there. It's the only logical explanation that comes to my mind anyway.

Tags said...

It is indeed cruel and inhumane to treat pigs like that.

But, compared to American, Canadian, and Mexican Smithfield feeder farms, it's a mercy killing.

They crowd pigs together in those conditions concentrated indoors, and the pigs scream day and night and bite each other in an insane frenzy for weeks.

Let Paula Deen watch this video before she does her next Smithfield commercial.

Robert said...

That was terrible. I could only watch the first minute before I had to shut it off.

IdahoRocks said...

Ditto, Robert. How horrific that such large numbers of humans are bereft of a concept of sustainability....

zanemyrick said...

This is just one of many results of the MEDIA created swine flu.

Dont believe the major news corperations, they are bought by the world elite to feed you lies.