Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time Must Have a Stop (I wish)

Getting older has it's advantages. If you haven't ruined your nervous system with drink or drugs, the accumulated experience of years of interacting with thousands makes it easier to see the truth behind the lie and the absence of evidence behind the statement of conviction. False friends are easier to spot and if you are really lucky, it begins to become easier to know what it is that makes you happy.

I don't remember thinking much about what I needed to make me happy before the age of 11. Happiness kind of just rolled in on it's own in small waves made up of simple things like digging holes, eating, camping, shooting trap and clamming with my father and his buddies and, as you see in this photo that my brother posted on Facebook last night, trying to tease a meal from Long Island Sound.

I'm the chubby guy in the middle. The kid in the foreground with the bamboo pole is my brother Gary and the kid in the background is Ed Hart who lived across the street from us in Glen Cove, NY.

Where does the time go people? Ah, to be ten again!


Ed Bruske said...

Bob, did you catch anything?

Maryann said...

So true. When you're a kid you don't think so much about what will make you happy. It's just right there. You know on the spot what is good or bad. Now, we mull it over and over in our minds. It becomes so important. We think in ways that are so self important. Maybe that's the problem. When small, we look outwards. We grow, and we turn inwards. To have a mind of the child again! That's what I pray for :)
Nice post, Bob :)

paul said...

fascinating picture, Bob

Gary said...

MaryAnn, if it's any consolation, having the mind of a child gets easier if you wait long enough.

Bob del Grosso said...

I don't think so. We rarely had luck in the surf at that age (We couldn't cast far enough.)

That coastline has a fascinating history. Look at those docks man, that's East Egg (Gatsby) country.

If I was capable of saying it better than you did, I like to think that I would have done it.

I'm the worst imaginable kind of writer, only able to imply what another, better writer would simply state.

Verily you wrote.

paul said...

I'm a huge Gatsby fan.

Something about the East Coast that is fascinating in a way that the West is not, for all its natural beauty ...

I'm lucky having married someone from Rhode Island, so get a taste for the East Coast once a year or so. Love the restaurants, architecture, people, everything.

Alpinebluesky said...

Very sweet thoughts. It would be bliss to have the mind of a child again.