Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Agitprop

Each year during the build up to Valentines Day food writers drag out the same old crap about foods that are alleged to turn us into priapic goats and silt laden venusian rills.

Aspargus and oysters, chocolate and eels, and blah and blah are yanked out of their normal context as ordinary stuff to eat and pushed out into the morass that is the dialectic between the media and a public. A public I aver, that is mostly so besotted from the effects of just getting through the day, that we rarely raise an objection to this lame, half-hearted attempt to work us up over the idea that something as ordinary as a banana might be all that the train needs to guide it through the venerian frontier.

Well, enough is enough. There is no such thing as a food that will turn an indifferent friend into a lover -unless, of course, it is served in a context that causes them to think that what they might eat is something more than a meal.

But you knew that.

The Foods of Love - "In the Mood" Foods

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Bob said...

I guess they call them "mood foods" because they change color after you eat them.