Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Stuff

Few things are more useful to me than my old Mouli grater. It's a simple thing and about as pretty as rusted out Oldsmobile in a feral field. Yet it is on my family's dinner table 4 nights each week (We eat lots of pasta and rissotto. I make no apologies for that.) and when it becomes defunct, I will not replace it with anything other than another version of the same thing by the same company. Of course, Mouli does not make this kind of thing anymore. Modern iterations are all stainless steel or plastic. None of these will do for me; cheap tinned steel is the only form that will suffice.

I think this grater is my third, maybe fourth Mouli in 32 years. They are great, but like all things, entropy gets the better of them and they go. I've recrimped them, built new handles, and used them until the metal became fatigued enough to use as foil before I tossed them out. I wonder if any of you have kitchen tools that are no longer produced, but are so useful that you do not want to imagine being without them.
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