Thursday, January 22, 2009

VOTE: Best Food Blog - Chef

We've been nominated for a Best Food Blog by a Chef award by whom, we don't know. But we thank whoever put us up and hope that others like us as well. Thanks!

VOTE Here: Best Food Blog - Chef


Maryann said...

You ARE pretty good....

Ulla said...

it was me! well at least I nominated you others might have as well. you have one of the most entertaining blogs out there:P
love the agricultural policy talk and all the chef expertise:)

Ulla said...

here are the nominations:

and i just voted! hope you win!

Aimée said...

Congratulations on your nomination and good luck!

LIVE TO EAT said...


Congratulations on your nomination!

You both deserve props for the effort put into this blog. As you might imagine you have many loyal followers cheering for you. I cast my vote.


Bob said...

I did my part. I voted and spread the word.

I wouldn't feel bad about losing to tartelette. They're ranked about 66,000 places ahead of Michael Ruhlman's blog on Alexa.

Book the Cook, OTOH, is ranked almost 3 million places behind you. They must really be hard-core fans.