Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spatchcock This

A dressed and split chicken for roasting or broiling on a spit.

tr.v., -cocked, -cock·ing, -cocks.
  1. To prepare (a dressed chicken) for grilling by splitting open.
  2. To introduce or interpose, especially in a labored or unsuitable manner: "Dick Cheney' was spatchcocked into George W Bush s presidency and enjoyed misunderestimated authority over his titular leader " (BdG)

[Perhaps alteration of spitchcock, a way of cooking an eel.]


Bob said...

Just be wary of the dreaded spatulacoccus.

Chris said...

My kitchen has a sort of ancient astronomical arrangement in that, in June and July, in the early evening, the sun comes perfectly in the window and hits my cutting board. I shot this honey glazed spatchcocked chicken, which we served with a little more of the soy/honey glaze and lime wedges. Photos at flickr... . I love chicken done this way... great post.